★ WHO AM I? ★

illustration of a cherub

i am MISERY, melancholy's daughter. like a fallen angel i was cast out of the aether in 2001 and into the body of a mortal girl. needless to say, i'm not super pleased about it.

most of my existence is spent in cyberspace, which is the closest thing to the aether i can find for now, but there are a few things about the "real world" i've grown accustomed to...

found objects - newspaper scraps, pressed flowers, ticket stubs, moth wings, bracelet charms, teabags, real feathers, love notes, etc.

bright colored food/drinks - sno-cones are my heroin.

dark, baggy, grungy clothes - i'm like a nocturnal animal. gotta blend in even if my eyes glow.

cats, crows, and opossums - they're my familiars.

thunderstorms - the best weather to fall asleep to.

people - just because i hate mortality doesn't mean i don't love the company of others.

out of place things - whether they're from a bygone time period, lost, repurposed, or hidden, i love the amiss. speaking of hidden, watch out for hidden links...